Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello 2014

It seemed fitting to call this post Hello 2014 when my last post was saying goodbye to 2013.  It still blows my mind that it is January 2014 and I will be leaving for france in 15 days.  That's right, 15 days.  2 more Sundays at my home church, 2 more Saturdays to sleep in as late as I want (which, lets be honest, is maybe 830) and 2 more weeks to spend time with my family and friends and say goodbye.

Before the sadness sinks in lets move on to the next subject, resolutions.  Until last year I never made any real resolutions.  Of course with the start of the new year comes the idea that this is it I can change my ways and have a new year with new goals but those wonderful thoughts quickly leave by the end of January for most people.  Last year, however, I made the resolution to end 2013 the healthiest I have ever been and I can say with confidence that I accomplished that goal.  While I am still not at my goal weight or fitness level I am stronger & healthier now than I have ever been.

 I figured that if I took the time to really think of some realistic resolutions to make and published them for all to see I might stick with them this year so here are my goals for 2014:

  • End 2014 healthier & stronger than I am now because I know there is so much more I can accomplish.
  • Journal everyday, even if it is only a couple of sentences.
  • Spend more time in God's word & develop a more teachable spirit
  • Write a different friend a hand written note every month
  • Keep up with my blog

What are some of your resolutions or goals for the new year?  Let me know!

-Mary Beth

P.S. Here are a couple of pictures from New Years Eve in Charlotte

My sister and I after seeing The Book of Mormon

My wonderful Charlotte friends before ringing in the New Year!

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