Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I {AM}sterdam

What a week in Amsterdam.  I'm not sure I know where to begin because those were the probably the fastest 5 days of my life.  The city is absolutely beautiful and full of rich history.  America is so young compared to the rest of the world it was crazy standing in a house that is older than America. While I was there I got to know 11 other amazing people who were going to other countries with the same Hands On program.  Cheri and I are in France but other people were going to Russia, Poland, Finland, Manchester and Belarus.  The best way for me to share Amsterdam is to show you pictures I've taken.  If you want a complete album, head over to facebook, but here are some of my favorites.

First roomie picture!

The Dutch love sprinkles. A typical kid's breakfast would be toast with butter and sprinkles.

Cheri and I! Don't worry mine is hot chocolate not coffee :)

In the secret room in Corrie Ten Boom's House (read more about her here - fascinating story)

Amsterdam was an amazing, fast paced week. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone I was with as well as learning more about the history and people of Amsterdam. I am excited to go back in June to see the city full of tulips & other flowers & not so cold :)

Stay tuned for my first update about Marseille!

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