Friday, December 6, 2013

Peaks & Pits

I have called this blog post peaks & pits because I have decided that I am going to try and update every Friday with my peaks & pits for the past week. 


1) Atlanta! I went to Atlanta to apply for my visa for France with my friend Jennifer.  It was a quick 48 hours but it was nice to relax some before finals and spend some quality time with a dear friend.  Plus applying for my visa was one of the last hurdles I had left in preparation for France paperwork wise.

This was in the mall next to my hotel. Obviously I had to take a picture. 
2) I had my last class of my undergraduate career on Thursday!

3)  Getting this tweet from Noel.  I love babysitting for Ashley & Noel and their boys are absolutely precious.

4) Celebrating my wonderful friend Kourtney's birthday! 


1) Atlanta - yes this is a pit as well.  First off I realized Monday night getting ready for bed that I forgot my black pants that I was going to wear for my visa appointment in Garner, which meant all I had were the grey yoga pants I wore that day.  Needless to say I had to go shopping before my appointment.  Oh, and I also almost had a breakdown in the consulate because I thought my appointment was at 330 and it was 230.  Luckily the very very nice man working there saw me start to cry and panic and told me that they would see me anyways.

2) Realizing all the work/studying I have to accomplish between now and next Wednesday.  4 finals & a paper in less than 72 hours is no joke.

3) My TA didn't show up for the oral part of my French final on Monday.  My partner & I had an assigned time to come in and she wasn't there - I still have no idea what happened to her.  Thank goodness my professor was actually on campus and let us have our final with her.

I hope that you had a great week! And if you're in NC enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather we had today.  I would be okay if it was 70 degrees in December all the time.


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