Friday, December 13, 2013

Peaks and Pits

Hi friends!

This week's peaks and pits is going to be mainly peaks and I am perfectly okay with that!


1) I am now officially done with my undergraduate degree! I took all my finals this week and I am now just awaiting my grades and graduation! I am definitely ending college on a high note because I haven't had a semester this good since my first semester of college!

2) I got my visa back today! All that stands between me and France is 5 weeks and some strategic packing!

3) My parents and I finally decorated our Christmas tree. I love our tree because it is full of ornaments that my siblings and I made as kids and other ornaments that were gifts. It is fun to relive the memories every year as we put them on the tree. 

4) My sorority, Omega Phi Alpha, had our last meeting of the year and we did a secret sister gift exchange. My sweet friend Virginia had my name and she got me this adorable elephant ornament, some Christmas goodies and a bar of soap called the south of France!


1) the only pit this week was that I got in a wreck on Wednesday. A lady rear ended me on the way home from school. Luckily no one was hurt but it was not exactly how I imagined spending my afternoon!

I hope that everyone had a good week as well! I am excited for this weekend because as I write this I am on my way to Wilmington with my parents to celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday!


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  1. You got in a wreck?!?!?!?!?! I'm so glad you're ok.

    I can't believe you're done with school. That's so exciting.

    Have a great time in Wilmington!


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