Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That Day I Smacked A British Woman In The Face

Yes, it is true. Yesterday I smacked a british woman in the face.  First, lets start from the beginning.

France's school system is a lot like year round schools where they go to school for 6 weeks and then they have 2 weeks vacation.  Marseille is on vacation right now until March 10 so a lot of the things Cheri and I normally do are canceled.  With some extra free time we decided to take a mini vacation to Nice, France and to Monaco.

One thing I love about Europe is that you can get anywhere pretty quickly thanks to their train system.  Cheri and I got a good deal on round trip tickets to Nice and it is only a 2 1/2 hour train ride away! When we arrived in Nice we found out that their annual carnival was going on and that there would be a parade in the afternoon.  After dropping our stuff off at our hostel, we set off to explore Nice some more.  We walked to their fruit and flower market.  It was beautiful! There were so many different types of flowers that I wish I could bring home with me.

How cute are these salt and pepper shakers?

After lunch the parade was starting so we walked around towards the end of the route so we could see better.  All the kids were dressed up in some sort of costume (you would think it was halloween) and there were stands set up everywhere selling candy, silly string, masks, confetti, you name it.  Cheri and I wanted to take fun pictures of us throwing the confetti up so I went first.  I have picked up a hand full of confetti and waiting for Cheri to tell me to go.  Cheri is looking through her fancy camera lens and says go and as soon as I throw my hands out to the side I completely smack a woman in the face.  I immediately start saying I'm sorry in every language I know.  The woman (thankfully) was british so she spoke english and sort of laughed at the situation and said it was okay.  Her husband was chuckling as well and as I'm apologizing profusely, she asks if she ruined my shot.  It was obviously an accident but I am so thankful that she wasn't mad!

selfie on the beach

some of the floats were a little weird

Pretty sure these are supposed to be Putin

The picture Cheri got right before I smacked that poor woman

After Cheri and I laugh about the situation (and I immediately go, yup, gotta write a post about this) we explored Nice for a little while longer. That night we had dinner at our hostel (because it was only 2 euros!) and we got to know some other people staying here.  It was nice to meet people my age who are traveling from all over the world.  We all had fun stories to share and ended up staying up till midnight talking.

Next time I will tell you about our adventures in Monaco!  I hope you have a great Wednesday.

À la prochaine!

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  1. I love that she got it (almost) on camera. So funny! And so something that would happen to me. Those flowers really are gorgeous!


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