Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014 Fashion Review

While I may not have been able to watch the Oscars last night (#franceproblems) you best believe that I have spent most of my morning looking over pictures of what people wore to the best award show of the season.  Before I begin let me tell you what I expect from celebrities at the Oscars.  It's the Oscars - the biggest award show of the season.  This is not the Grammy's or the SAG awards where you can get by with wearing something a little different or out there.  This is a classy event and you are expected to wear the best of the best.  If you are nominated for an oscar then you have the ability to hire people to help you look your best.  (aka a stylist and a tailor) There should be no excuses for a poorly executed look.  If you don't have anyone you trust to tell you the truth if you look good in something or not, maybe you need new friends.  

Here are my best dressed from the evening.

1. Lupita Nyong'o.

Wow.  Just wow.  Lupita has been killing it all awards season (starting with her killer Ralph Lauren dress at the Golden Globes) and last night was no different.  This light blue custom made Prada dress is to die for.  The color against her beautiful skin is gorgeous and the styling is perfect.  Can you believe that she is 31 years old? I hope that she sticks around in Hollywood for a while because I can't wait to see what she wears next! 

2. Sandra Bullock

In my opinion Sandra Bullock nailed it last night.  This beautiful Alexander McQueen dressed fit her perfectly and the color is gorgeous.  I like that she kept it simple with a bracelet and earrings and didn't try to wear a necklace as well.  Also, her hair balances the pleated detail in her dress nicely.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

My girl J Law.  Stunning.  I am happy to see her in a straight column dress and the color is great.  It makes her seem a little more fashion and a little less princess.  It's also something different from what she normally wears.  The color is great and the tailoring is spot on.  Like Sandra, she kept the jewelry to a minimum and I love it. Being the face of Dior must be nice.


Here are my worst dressed from the evening.

1. Julia Roberts

Oh Jules, can I call you Jules?  I feel like you need a friend to tell you when it's not working so why don't you let me be that friend. This Givenchy dress is doing nothing for you.  Remember when I said something earlier about no excuses for something not fitting right? What happened? This dress does not fit you right at all.  It should be tighter above the peplum (even though I think the peplum is quite awkward at that height and should be lowered a bit) and it needs to be taken in at the shoulders as well.  Also the pattern of this dress is very old lady and the lace around your chest is too much.  Did you ever think of having a bolder lip choice? I think a deep or bright red would have looked divine. 

2. Pharrell Williams 

As much as I love his song "Happy", his outfit does not make me happy at all.  It is the Oscars!  Why in the world is he wearing shorts? I get it, you're trying to make a fashion statement, but wearing shorts to the Oscars was not the best choice.  It really isn't that hard for a guy to look great at an awards show.  Buy a classic black and white tux and have it tailored impeccably.  I just can't get over the fact that he decided to wear shorts to the Oscars. Shorts. Ugh. I can't even focus on the fact that his bow tie is too big or that it looks like he has been skipping out on leg day at the gym.


3. Anna Kendrick

As much as I love Anna as a person & actress, I can't let my biased opinion of her keep her from my worst dressed.  There is just too much going on in this J Mendel dress.  There's the one shoulder look, with actual lining of the dress around her shoulders and neck, and then the sheer section with flower details below her chest, the pleating and layering on the dress then the slit and a shoe that just isn't right. Also, Angelina Jolie did the stunning slit in a dress in 2012 and now you are just being compared to her.  Your hair and makeup look great but this dress is just a little all over the place for me.


Here are some honorable mentions:

Idina Menzel 

 While your Vera Wang dress is beautiful your hair is just drab and bland.  A pretty up-do would have put you on a best dressed list.

Kate Hudson 

While you look absolutely stunning in this Versace gown, Gwyneth Paltrow did this look in 2012 and pulled it off a little better.

Angelina Jolie

This is certainly not your worse dressed, and I am glad that you are wearing something besides black or white, but this Elie Saab dress feels a little matronly and sort of reminds me of a beach coverup. However, you are one of the most beautiful women in the world so even in a fancy beach coverup you still look gorgeous.


Who do you think were the best and worst dressed of the 2014 Oscars?  Is there someone I missed? Let me know!

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