Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Apartment

This is a post that I have been meaning to write for a while now but I kept forgetting about.  However, thanks to my lovely sister, I was reminded that I haven't shown people what my apartment looks like here in Marseille.

So, without further adieu, here it is!

 This is what you see when you first walk inside.  Don't you love the blue wood paneling? It grows on you.  The white cards you see on the cabinets are labels that Cheri and I made to help us learn more french vocabulary.

This is our living room.  That spot in the middle of the futon is where I am sitting now as I type this.  Not sure why but it somehow became my spot, just call me Sheldon. Also, those are sheets drying in the corner because while we have a washing machine, there is no dryer, which is the case for everyone in France.

Here is another view of our kitchen.  There is Cheri's spot as well as the collection of smurf toys that came with the apartment.  My best guess is that they came in McDonald's Happy Meals and from experience, the girls who lived here before us probably went to McDonald's a lot.

As we make our way towards the back of the apartment, here is our hallway.  Our coatrack next to the front door and a bookcase and a desk.

Please notice our rock wallpaper.  This is throughout the apartment except for my room and Cheri's room.

Across from the bookcase is the toilet room (not pictured) and then the bathroom.  True story - every time I go to take a shower I feel like I am stepping into a rocket ship because the doors slide to the center to close.

And now for the best room, my room! Instead of the beautiful rock wallpaper I get Disney princesses! You can't tell because of the comforter but my bed is actually a trundle bed so come on and visit I have space!

I also have a matching Disney princess trashcan.

All the windows in people's apartments and houses have metal blinds that can be raised and lowered.  I was told that this started a long time ago when the tax collector would walk around and appraise you based on what they could see in your house.  The blinds prevented them from being able to see inside! I like it because it allows me to make my room pitch black in the middle of the day to take awesome naps.

Well, that's it!  I also didn't post a picture of Cheri's room because, well, that's her room and not mine to share.  She has palm tree wallpaper.  

I hope yall have had a good week so far!  The ACC tournament starts today, I'm hoping to get to watch State play this week! 

À la prochaine! 


  1. Your apartment is awesome!!!! I was thinking the wallpaper was footballs, until I read rocks...but my favorite part just might be that you have a Disney princess trashcan. :) PS...flying out for your birthday, so save me a spot on that trundle bed :)

    1. Perfect! We can stay up late eating macarons & painting each other's nails :)


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